Making Your Own World

Ok I just saw a picture like this yesterday and just had to give it a go.

So I went out today and got some photographs and also used some cityscape and landscape photographs from past holidays.

Heres what I’ve made so far. 



6 thoughts on “Making Your Own World

    • Hey thank you…
      Its not as hard as it seems, if you take a panoramic photo and then resize it in photoshop so the height is the same as the width, the photo will look all stretched out at this stage and be in a sqaure shape. Then if you flip the photo so its upside down and then go to filter distort and click polar co-ordinates. and then choose the check box that says rectangular to polar…. and waaalaaaaahh you should have a round picture like these.

      There are a few tutorials on the web, its called stereographic projection photography. I hope this helps

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