Ambika & Rekesh

So todays been eventful, from photographing products from 10 am then a random music video made on the spot also in the same day so it’s quite safe to say today has been out of the blue.

So the beautiful music itself was created by the wonderful Ambika and Rekesh duo. the song is almost like a fusion of indian and english traits. It’s a feel good kinda song you know something that has you swaying around your room in the morning like a ballerina its something along the lines of that.

We filmed the whole video in a common room, but luckily this common room had a piano and some random artifacts which truly were random such as grassy walls, with hidden treadmills in them, and I aint just saying that.

The video will soon be up as soon as the music is completely mastered….

Here’s a few snapshots we got at the end of the day.


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