Tutorial – Product Photography (Swarovski Crystals)

Heres a short tutorial on how to edit/ retouch product photographs, In this tutorial I’m going to be editing a swarovski crystal heart.


Ok so here’s the photograph straight from the camera in canons CR2 format which is a RAW format. If your shooting in JPEG swap over to RAW now, your missing out. I’ll have a post explaining the true differences of RAW and JPEG soon anyway.

So as you can see the background isnt white, and the colour of the heart doesn’t really stand out, so lets take this into Photoshop, and as this is a RAW format the camera raw editor should open up.

Ok so now we have the photograph opened in camera raw along with the show clipping option selected which we can bring up by pressing (O) on our keyboards. This shows what part of the image has clipped by turning it red, in this case the red parts tell us that the background is now pure white. I’ve also bumped up the contrast a little as the crystal started to look a bit flat.

Now we use the spot removing tool and remove any scratches or marks on the crystal itself, with CS5’s new content aware tool this has become more accurate and also time-saving.

Once the marks are removed the photograph is rotated as in this case to make it easier to photograph the product it was placed upside down.

Now to make the photo a bit more interesting and to add a sense of depth a reflection is added, now to achieve this the photograph is flipped upside down.

Now to make the reflection look more realistic a layer mask is added to the layer and a black and white gradient also which gives the effect of the product blending away.

and now the final step is to reduce the opacity of the reflection layer slightly to around 50%, flatten the layers, and apply some sharpening through, (Filter -> Sharpen ->Sharpen, and there we have it… The final product…




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